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When asked what sets us apart from other brands, our response is: we don‘t consider ourselves the center of your world. We simply want to be a part of it. For us, this means that not only do our developments harmonize brilliantly with each other, but our products also bring an openness and seamless compatibility to many other solutions.

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In the complex world of Audio/Video-over-IP, engineers who simply want to install a production environment are often puzzled by the involved IP configuration that is even challenging for IT experts. How are all components detected properly? How do I guarantee seamless and reliable operation? How can I  change the setup and be sure it will work again? 

Once the system is running, even experts are often reluctant to change the setup for fear of losing the previously tested system. This certainly misses the whole point of IP infrastructure: its flexibility. To be sure about the performance and reliability, monitoring the network status would be desirable, however, most control systems lack detailed monitoring of the network. 

Stagenet is a software that works seamlessly during both setup and operation and is flexible enough to accommodate changes at short notice. It is a future-oriented solution based on open standards, designed to put you, the user, in the centre. This way, your time can be devoted to creating even better productions. Incredibly easy to operate through an intuitive web interface, it automatically configures both end devices and switches, monitors their status, and indicates potential sources of errors in an easy-to-understand manner. Thanks to Stagenet, there is no need to be a network expert to work easily with IP signals. Focus on what really matters, and Stagenet will take care of the rest.