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IP signal management is the future

IT networks were not originally designed to transmit low-latency Audio/Video signals. Today, due to necessary manual configuration, they often become inflexible and are hard to adapt to unforeseen  situations. After all, AV engineers are typically not IT ex-perts. Given all these circumstances, Audio/Video-over-IP can easily become a costly exercise, bottom line even more expensive than traditional baseband technologies.

IP networks are often very complicated to use. The solution of this problem cannot be found by discussing control protocols, but by focussing on the necessary simplifications of the user interface. Sharing this conviction, five companies have joined forces and developed a control software that puts the user in the center and deliberately puts the discussion about technical aspects to the back.  STAGENET promises to make AV networks intuitive and reliable to work with, while always maintaining setup flexibility. 

To shape todays industry, STAGENET’s vision is to provide:


 AV engineers can operate STAGENET with no expert IT knowledge required.

The simplicity provides cost reductions in setup, training and operation.


In multi-purpose infrastructure with a need for frequent changes of the setup:

Network and devices get configured automatically within a an ease-to-use modern web UI.


Easy fault finding: Device status is constantly monitored.

Therefore: Raises confidence in AV over IP technology

The Technology
STAGENET is a plug’n play, fully dynamic system with no need for expert knowledge. It provides total control and surveillance of both audio and video whilst still based on today's AV-over-IP standards: AES67, SMPTE ST 2110, NMOS and more.Besides taking control of all IP related topics, it also includes control of related baseband functions such as AV matrix setup.
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Find out what STAGENET can do.

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