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STAGENET is a new AV over IP signal management solution, made for people like you!

Plug 'n' Play


Fully Dynamic - No experts needed


Any of the partner-supported devices can be connected anywhere in the system and will automatically pop-up on the STAGENET Web-UI. The user will be notified that one or more devices want access to participate in the setup and is placed into quarantine. In quarantine, the device does not have access to any signals on STAGENET. But once a device is approved, STAGENET automatically configures the IT switch and the device is ready for use


Full Control

To make life easy, instead of using conventional crosspoint routing, STAGENET uses virtual senders and 
receivers to group selected audio or video baseband 
inputs/outputs together and connect them with a touch 
of a finger. Such virtual senders and receivers can easily 
be created by dragging desired IOs onto the respective group icon. Then STAGENET will handle everything 
needed for the signal to pass all the way from baseband 
input to the baseband output. 


Full control with virtual senders 
and receivers


A Modern UI


 For everyday AV engineers

The primary STAGENET interface is the connections 
view. This page allows users edit labels und assigning user defined tags as well as putting virtual senders and receivers into common folders, even if they span multiple devices or are a mix of video and audio sources. Tags allows users to search for signals and endpoints in a fast way and folders allow connection of multiple contextual sources to their destinations at once. STAGENET aims to change the setup of audio and video devices into a content-focused operation as opposed to a device-oriented one.